Sunday, 20 December 2009

Youtube Drama Sweepstake

Sweepstake series continues! Awooga!

K9 plays chess - Dr Who - BBC sci-fi

A fine Tom Baker-fied Doctor Who clip from the episode 'The Sunmakers'. His second assistant Leela, looking every inch the Chess grandmaster in her skimpy leather garb. Somehow, i just can't look beyond those legs. Anyway, K9 is the true chessbrains here aiding Leela, and in the process they come across the planet of Pluto. Hang on, it's set in the future, yet it should know Pluto was de-moted from being a planet!

In the 'The Sunmakers', Doctor Who and Leela travel to the now habitable planet of Pluto, and are confronted by The Gatherer of Megropolis One, Hade(Richard Leech)and his cruel tax system which taxes to excess. Hade belongs to the company that created artifical suns, that helped create life on Pluto.

Boys from the Blackstuff - Yosser's Desperate

This clip follows the classic scene where a broken Yosser, with his kids in tow, going to confession. This mixes extreme sadness with some comedy, as the priest asks Yosser to call him Dan for short, instead of "Father". Yosser mutters "I'm desperate, Dan", but it can also be interpreted, for if you know the main comic character of the UK comic "The Dandy", as I'm Desperate Dan, the cow-pie eating, gun-slinging, cowboy strongman.

If you grew up or lived in the early 80's, who doesn't know Yosser's classic line "Gizza Job"? "Boys From the Blackstuff" was not only one of the best quality drama's of the 1980's, but it was also effective, as the real background behind the struggle of everyday Britons plight against a large economic recession, and sounded the death knell, truly, for Britain as one of world's biggest manufacturing forces. Set in one of the hardest hit areas in the UK, Liverpool, each of the five episodes focused on a different character, who were all made unemployed in this economic climate. It's powerful and gripping stuff, and the most memorable of the 5, transmitted in 1982, was Yosser Hughes plight.

"Boys From the Blackstuff" was actually the sequel to "The Black Stuff", which was made in 1978, but never got transmitted until 1980. Written by Alan Bleasdale, also from Liverpool, the drama was an award-winner, and still regarded as one of the best British drama serials.

Classic Minder - Minder on the Orient Express Part 1

Minder was a long running drama/action serial on ITV, lasted an incredible 15 years (1979-1994). The series follow main character wheelin' dealin' con-man Arthur Daley(George Cole), who employs a bodyguard, a former professional boxer and some-time criminal Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman). Despite the dodgy character backgrounds, they're loveable rogues as displayed by fine acting to the viewers, and display geniune honesty and friendship.

This is a 2-part feature, focusing on clips for an episode from the sixth series. A throughly entertaining one, especially the knock-about in the second part. Also feature an inebriated Arthur Daley. Also, great funny line from Terry "Do you fancy me or something"?

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