Monday, 28 December 2009

Update: New Genres Added and Genre Colour Code

I've managed to discover how to customize the embedded youtube video colours, that were very limited beforehand. Each genre's video and text will now be different colours or variants of a colour. Why? It makes the blog look more appealing and attractive. The black background makes all the colours readable, really, and it doesn't hurt you're eyes like some other sites...cough...Angelfire...cough.

Ultimately, there's quite a few genres missing from the earlier Sweepstake series. 1 or 2 are probably of smaller importance, but on youtube, there can be alot of this type.

The new genres, with their blog colour code, are:

Arts & Culture - dark violet
News - dark blue
Continuity and Idents - aqua (green/blue)
Politics - blue
Chat Shows - light yellow

They will be alongside the other genres with the colours:

Adverts - light green (changed from green)
Children's - pink
Comedy - yellow
Documentary - gold (changed from white)
Drama - brown (changed from sky blue)
Gameshows - purple
Light Entertainment - green
Music - light blue
Public Information Films - light red (changed from grey)
Saturday Mornings - red
Schools TV - dark green (changed from grey)
Soaps - sky blue
Sport - orange (changed from red)

All posts now will be one clip-per-post. No Sweepstake for the new genres. This is to make thearchive more easier to search and confuse less.

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