Monday, 28 December 2009

Going Live! Goes on Air for the First Time...

First Going Live!

The starting theme and introduction of the show that gave us presenters Phillip Schofield, Sarah Greene, comedians Trev and Simon, cookery specialist Emma Forbes, and of course, Gordon the Gopher. The show lasted from 1987-1993.

Sarah Greene and Schofield come out excitedly to introduce themselves - Greene wearing very 80's earrings and one of those puff-pom-pom skirts, or whatever you call them - You knows what's odd? That first series set. Is it just me, or does it look like some theatrical Chinese dojo? I liked this set, but they improved it in the next series with a larger studio, which looked like the set was invaded by stationary Triangular rulers and circle things. In the 80's it was like, yeah, look at our snazzy shapes on the stage and neon lighting, yeah.

"Going Live!" were an evolution of the BBC's earlier kid's/family Saturday morning shows, such as "Multi-Coloured Swap Shop" and "Saturday Superstore" in which Sarah Greene previously appeared with radio One DJ Mike Read. "Going Live" was similar to Superstore, such as "Hot Seat" interviews with the famous, but got rid of the swapping element in any way. "Going Live!" had the format down to a tee, with a bit of everything for all ages, and importantly, good chemistry between the presenters themselves and the audience. Or maybe I'm just biased, as that's the show I grew up with! Not the last of "Going Live!" you will see here!

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