Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing, Literally...on Boxing Day

Classic Tyson.Bruno vs Tyson part 1 of 2

Or really just an excuse to extend my wafer-thin, stick-thin sports clips on this blog so far. Still a beloved favourite of the British public, a 28 year-old Frank Bruno faces one of Boxing's most feared slugger, American "Iron" Mike Tyson. By this point, Tyson was at his peak of prowess, being an undisputed champion and undefeated, a tremendous feat for a 22 year-old. Tyson beforehand, became the only man to ever knock out other Boxing legend Larry Holmes, and finished off Michael Spinks in his last ever Boxing match.

Frank Bruno's jovial personality hit the right notes with the British public, although at the time, having never won a professional Boxing Championship belt. By the time of this match, Bruno had suffered a couple of losses, not to mention a 21 match undefeated winning streak in the early 80's.

This is the full match in 2 parts with American commentary. Our poor Bruno, although with a great early flare in the 1st Round, Tyson is just too powerful and aggressive. Bruno lacked endurance, due to his bodymass, which caught up with him here.

Bruno and Tyson met again in 1995, although a much more dissappointing affair for Bruno, this time having carried the WBC title.

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