Thursday, 31 December 2009

Jimmy Hill Tells Us to "Think Bike"

Jimmy Hill Says Think Bike

Now, I'm not going make any Jimmy "Chin, Chin, look at that Chinny McChin" Hill chin jokes, honestly, but the quoted nonsense, which you seen a few words ago, could make for a pretty catchy novelty pop song. Now this is a PIF,(Public Information Film, that is)that warns car motorists to check, check and check again, the opposing traffic, and to have pity on the poor motorcyclist. This can also be address similarly to cyclists too. However, motorcyclists can come out of nowhere like a flash. This a real hard-hitting PIF, with much credit going to the stuntman motorcyclist, who damn near looks like he may've broken his neck, as the momentum of the motorbike hurtles him forward and upside down onto his head and over the engine of the motor. Jimmy Hills mulls over the crash seen on his little TV, delivering his analysis in his accustomed Football-punditry manner, also over-seeing a replay of the crash.

The "Think Bike" campaign were a series of TV adverts shown in the mid-late 70's, which were a tremendous success, with the lasting message of "Think Once, Think Twice, Think Bike".

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