Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Murray Mints Ads from the 1950's - Tell Me When You Haven't Got the Jingle Out of Your Head

Murray Mints (1950's)

"Hey! Can you please dislodge this vaccuum from my downstairs department, if you could do so kindly, sir?"

"Sorry! You'll just have to wait! I'm finishing my Murray Mint! The too good to hurry Mint!"

After watching all 2mins 59 secs, I dare you to not have that jingle and slogan in you're head! 4 pretty amusing and comically well-spoken gentlemen, kitsch European accents, and ruffians, an old-fashioned set of ads, back when the dawn of Television advertising arose. Featuring the French Legion, a woman on a camel, a Spanish matador and bull combo, a dancing Navy crew, a little school ruffian, a posh schoolkid and a teacher!

Murray Mints are a much-loved British creamy hard-boiled sweetie, you may've recieved from you're Grandparents, perhaps, as it was a perennial favourite back in the post-rationed 50's. Now probably known as nostalgic treat, for theatre and cinema occasions.

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