Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Emmerdale - THAT Plane Crash Disaster Episode - 4 Main Characters Die


Sound and video quality isn't very good, as it's just recorded off the TV screen. It's something anyway, and it's one of the soap's most seminal and defining moments, since it began as "Emmerdale Farm", back in 1972. Before this event, Emmerdale was known to be a more genteel soap to the more gritty Eastenders, Brookside and Coronation Street. Due to falling unimpressive viewer ratings, and having made a previous effort to make it appear more up-to-date with the times (dropping "Farm" from the title), this was a shocking change in direction. The episode pulled in an astonishing 18 million viewers.

As for the variant of the disaster, it trailed along sensitive ground, bearing a resemblance to the 1988 Lockerbie disaster. The Emmerdale characters that died were: Leonard Kempinski (played by Bernard Archard), Elizabeth Pollard (played by Kate Dove), Mark Hughes (played by Craig McKay) and Archie Brooks (played by Tony Pitts). This is how Chris Tate, son of Frank Tate, ends up in the wheelchair. Also, the stables were burned amongst a huge fireball, as result of the crash and the Woolpack's windows were blown in.

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