Saturday, 26 December 2009

Crossroads Gets the Mike Yarwood Treatment...

David Hunter Sacked

Crossroads sketch from the BBC's "Mike Yarwood In Persons", which was Yarwood's third star vehicled-show, running from 1976-1981. I'm giving myself a pat on the back, as I could not find what year, or decade this was from, however, as the character Mavis Hooper appears in the sketch, it was 1981 she first appeared in the soap, and it was also the year this show ended, so a no-brainer then.

The best part is David Hunter mauling of the Crossroads favourite simpleton, Benny. Also labelled under Coronation Street, as Bet Lynch appears too.

"Dishy David Hunter" was had been the owner of the motel since 1970. Although easy-going, he massacred a Malaysian village in battle as a young soldier. Benny Hawkins, was a farm boy who was always seen wearing a woolly hat, and although well-built and an honest, hardworking men, he was uneasy around the opposite sex. Also featuring in the sketch were Mavis and Sid Hooper impressions, followed by Corrie's Bet Lynch.

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