Saturday, 26 December 2009

A Look Back on "Gladiators" on That Show with those neon-y, multi-coloured, swirly thingy studio Cardboard Background Sets

I Love 1992 - Gladiators

This is what i would say a "light" but nostalgic documentary. Just random D-list celebs accounting for the popular fads, culture and TV programmes of each long-gone year in the "I Love" series, that featured on the BBC in the early 2000's, with a "docu" on every year from 1970-1999. Some of those celebs have either vanished off the face of the Earth, have raised their profile considerably like Michael McIntyre, or, still participating in these type of shows, talking about Grace Jones slapping Russell Harty about for the umpteenth time. I liked it though, because at the time, if you didn't have the internet, which a strong majority didn't, then your sources for TV nostalgia were pretty slim, and even online, there were barely any video to watch. Video media was a struggle to upload and download in those days of pay-per-minute internet connections. So it was a welcome ratings triumph, repeated endlessly at Christmas and New Year's, and triggered off, all those orgies of nostalgic chart shows.

Here we look at the Saturday primetime ratings giant in 1992, "Gladiators". Featuring the chance to see the likes of pantomine villain "Wolf", presenters Ulrika Jonsson and John "AWOOGA" Fashanu, referee John "Gladiators/Contenders Ready" Anderson and the boys' poster girl "Jet". Producer Nigel Lythgoe, known as "Nasty Nigel from Popstars" appears, and also executive producer John Kaye Cooper. The drugs controversy that hit the show after the 3rd series in 1994 is also discussed about. An educated looking "Shadow" speaks in an archive clip.

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