Saturday, 26 December 2009

Ooh-Ar Jethro! Anneka Rice in Devon!

Treasure Hunt - Devon (1986, series 4) part 1

A full episode of Channel 4's "Treasure Hunt" pummeling through a course in Devon, from 1986. From my diet of gameshows, this show comes as much relief, from the heavily formulaic indoor-studio-what's you're-name-and-where-are-from-round-one-ask-question-answer-question routine. 2 contestants help solve clues in the indoor studio along with presenter Kenneth Kendall keeping the show stringed together, using a large array of books, while the extra component, namely skyrunner Anneka Rice's posterior, runs to these locations under a time limit, hopefully the right locations, as ordered by the contestants.

There would be five clues, to various locations around the local area, which would finally lead to the treasure. Anneka Rice would sometimes travel not only by foot, but by sea and air, however, all of these items were given permission to be used, and nothing was simply "gatecrashed" apart from normal members of the public, looking bemused, being asked for directions, or looking at that..

In this episode Rice is seen travelling in Helicopter, then landing it(by pilot Keith i might add) on a mid-sea submarine. All very exciting stuff, and you get some really nice scenery shots too. The show ran from 1982-1989, and the concept was taken from the original French version,"La Chasse au Trésor", created by Jacques Antoine. Do-gooder Anneka Rice hasn't changed much since then, and has been off the box for quite a while now, after her appearance in "Hell's Kitchen" in 2007, and presenting "Sunday Feast" in 2006.

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