Monday, 21 December 2009

Youtube Adverts Sweepstake

The countless, countless edition of the Sweepstake edition. However, the second last edition/genre!


The title may look very ordinary, but this is the beginning of an impressive collection of British Ads from the 80s, in mostly 9 min+ clips, in chronological order, starting from 1987. Some of the greats are in there, and some of memorable but forgotten ones are there! As you wield over the collection, watch as the Christmas ads turn up, and then it gets more summer-y as you go along. Some feature many of the toy ads at the time, so there is a wide spectrum of ads there. There's also regional ads, mostly from i think East Anglia and the East. I've watched all 110 videos, and there are few other single large ad collection like this on youtube.

The ad i remember the most from this collection, is the quite clever Tunes advert (the sweets for blocked noses), where the man on the stereo, pictured, is talking with that numb voice you have when having a cold, and a tune is inserted like a tape, and suddenly everything's better, and the man has got his normal speaking voice once again!

Lego commercial - Kipper

You may know, this ad has been brought back from the dead, and is back on our screens. This ad from the early 80's is great. You're not sure if it's Tommy Cooper, or a Tommy Cooper sound-a-like, as Tommy didn't see through the whole decade having been deceased at the beginning of the decade. However, it is him. And it's a great little run-around of dialogue and imaginative creations from the Lego team, hosted by stock animation.

Ford Orion car advert 1980s

This is in reference to the advert collection mentioned in the first clip. This is one of the best ads I've seen from that collection. Like what it describes in the ad, it's unassuming, almost delicate and subtle. This is coming from someone who isn't one of those petrolheads or car-lovers. In the 80's car ads were more geared to men, but this Ford Orion advert has a really good balance, which for me, runs rings around the 2000's car ads overly aloof, artsy and sometimes arrogant commercials. This tows the line very nicely indeed, and not only is the whole proposal of the car being under-rated, so is this bloody advert!

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