Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas Saturday offering from BBC + Ol' Brucie

BBC Weather & Start of Generation Game

"Life is the name of the game,
And I wanna play the game with you,
Life can be terribly tame,
If you don’t play the game with two,
And I wanna play the game with you"

The classic theme from the classic show of "The Generation Game", and I believe the 90's version of the theme to be the best. I can't find it anywhere, but on this clip, which has been re-uploaded several (sigh - at youtube).

This was simply for me, the perfect Saturday prime-time early evening show. It was a behemoth of Saturday night viewing in the 70's and in it's resurrection in the 1990's. The games, the cameos, the making cakes/craftwork, the theatrical display usually at the end. Watching ordinary people being fast-tracked to follow dance acts, and crafts that needed the most nimblest of fingers, were laughed at, but in a good sense, as it wasn't too cruel.

I really like the set in this version of the show, doesn't look tacky at all, with the closing and opening doors. All these shapes moulded onto the doors and at the side, we don't know what the hell they're supposed to represent, but at least it's nice to look at. Bruce's cathphrase "Nice to see you, to see you, NICE!" was changed in this clip for a Christmas version. Brucie starts off the show with his usual puns/jokes a you do, and then introduces the glamourous assitant at the time, Rosemary Ford, which led to Brucie's "What's on the Board, Miss Ford!". Introduced next are 2 couple, sometimes man and wife, but we like to see the old ones getting into to sticky situations, so alot of parent and son/daughter couples.

Sadly, this is not a full episode.

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