Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day Snuggle-in with Ernie & Eric

Morecambe & Wise - Christmas Special 1971

Merry Christmas everyone! Half the country (25 million)tuned into "Morcambe & Wise" Christmas show specials, and this features the main guest as actress Glenda Jackson. Now at the time, it was a rarity to see serious stars flaffing about, all in the name of comedy. Before this, if you may've heard on various nostalgic talking head show, Glenda was seen as a bit of a square and people found her to be rather above herself. In this, she wins over the viewers with her slapstick performance, all seeming out-of-character. This was an age, where it was shocking or surprising to see stars in unknown territory, nobody would imagine a newsreader would get her legs out and break out into a song and dance (ala Angela Rippon, also appeared on another M&W Christmas Special). Frank Bough and Michael Parkinson, breaking into song? Well, you got it here in this clip!

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