Wednesday, 23 December 2009

When does 2000's TV Nostalgia Kick in? Yay or Nay?

As we come to an end of the decade known as the 2000s, or known as the "Noughties", when will be time we will get nostalgic about the 2000's and it's TV of the day "nostalgic"?

The way it used to be, is that it was usually 20 years later nostalgia kicks in, in the 70's there were alot of nostalgia for the 50's, when you had the likes of "Happy Days" 50's setting, starting in 1974 to 1984. Not sure about the 80's really, but there were still strong nostalgia for the 50's when you had the music cartoon character "Jive Bunny" reaching No.1 in 1989, with a remixed 50's music medley. In the 90's as i recall, nobody cared about the 80's and that it was rather a decade to forget, for it's taste. It was like the 90's were in a hangover about all those gaudish fashion crazes and the yuppie culture that reached it's demise as a economic recession was afoot. In the 90's the nostalgia was all about the 70's.

However, as the 2000's turned around, only 11/12 years later, 80's nostalgia became blitzed on our screens, as the children from the 80's became adults. The 80's kids were targeted heavily than none other before, with the commercial toylines from popular American cartoons, the explosion in home computer consoles and well, everything started becoming commercialised, making other decades before look rather solitary and empty.

My impression is nostalgia is arriving quicker, but it varies for different people. It's really based on when you look back on something, and you feel since then, times have changed. The world is probably going at faster pace in technology and other advances. The 2000's has for me, been alot more interesting and varied, technological-wise than TV-wise.

I think nostalgia in general arrives, for a certain time, is when people can look back on it and are able to sum it up crystal clear. When you're experiencing it at the time, it can all feel just a blur, as time ticks on consistently and gradually.

However, 2000's TV already has a strong identity, but that is mainly thanks to reality tv shows, which started in Britain officially, in 1999, but didn't take off until the following year, with Channel 4's "Big Brother". Music-wise, it's been harder to define, but that could be in fact, that we still don't have the hindsight to look at it and sum it up, apart from saying "there's more processed pop" and "when hip-hop and rap went mainstream", or you may hear "nowadays people are into all kinds of music", but people have trouble in how to break up the decade, and where certain fads/music types like in popular mainstream culture. However, there is an argument to say, compared to the 80's and 90's, everything is much more commercialised, we're surrounded by big companies, it all feels rather too same-y?

That could be true, but give it 10 years. TV-wise, people are probably starting or, will get nostalgic about "Big Brother"(if you were a fan of course) as it will be ending in 2010, as ratings and interest has declined drastically. Reality TV isn't dead yet, but it could be the 2000's were it's peak, as it is always the original runs that prove to be the most popular.

Right now in this blog, i will be only including 2000's shows or clips that are nostalgic about previous TV decades.

This leads to my question, as the whole decade of the 2000's is about to become archive only, should that mean i should add the 2000's to this blog? Would it be ridiculous to include late-2000's material as nostalgic especially, when it will be only at the most, a few years ago? It's add the whole decade or not, not in parts, for me. The only argument i can add, that the 2000's would be viable is simply because Youtube will have a much greater wealth of 2000's show material than any other decade, so will that mean more quality? But that goes back to, it's from Youtube, yes, but is it nostalgic? Yay or Nay, you decide, in the upcoming months and year!

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