Saturday, 20 March 2010

When Simon Cowell Was a Mere Pawn on a Satellite TV Gameshow!

Simon Cowell - TV Debut

Simon Cowell, now a mult-millionaire, and now one of the most recogniseable faces on the box, makes his first TV appearance in these humble beginnings. As a contestant of the Sky TV version of "Sale of the Century", no longer presented by Nicholas Parsons, but Peter Marshall. Cowell's still got that smug grin and showing cut-throat determination to answer the questions, to win the star prize of the Fiat Uno and a few utensils! However, none of the harsh, biting comments Cowell lashes out on the shows that made him famous like "The X-Factor", "American Idol", "Britain's Got Talent" and not forgetting "Pop Idol". The clip here is an edited highlight reel of Cowell's exploits on the show. Cowell is announced as a record producer in the show.

Simon Cowell was on a bit of a downer in this period. After serving with his father in the indie pop label Fanfare, it came under the branch of the famous Stock, Aitken and Waterman (SAW), which was a leading team of songwriters that cruised to great success in the 80s with a string of No.1 hits with a large variety of artists under their own brand of synth-pop. Cowell lost control of Fanfare financially, and BMG bought it over. Cowell was now back living with his parents and living with debt. However that was short lived. The true intention of being on the show was the car and not the money.

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