Monday, 8 March 2010

"Right-On!" Belinda Carlisle Receives the Schofield Treatment...

Belinda Carlisle on UK Kids TV show Going Live!

Big star back in the day, singer Belinda Carlisle speaks about her participation with Animal Rights, while her music blethers on in the background. Phillip Schofield presents Carlisle with a silver platinum record for 300,000 sales in the UK. Nice craftmanship from 2 kids in the audience. And what a first question it is from Schofield. This is the section of the show, near the end(?), where kids from home on the phone and in the audience quiz Carlisle over being nervous about singing live. Also, who is the guy that suddenly appears alongside Carlisle, when they're picking out winners from the mailbag?

Belinda Carlisle was a former member  and lead singer of the 80s new wave girls band "The Go-Go's" before splitting with them, and enjoying a most successful solo career with her biggest hit in 1987, with "Heaven is a Place on Earth"  or "Ooh Heaven is a Place on Earth" and was a No.1 in the UK and US Singles chart. Belinda is promoting her new thrid album at the time, "Runaway Horses" in which she collaborated with ex-Beatle George Harrison. It had limited success, compared to her 1987 "Heaven On Earth" album, with a peak at No.4 in the album charts. Her best performing song from the album was "Leave a Light on".

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