Thursday, 4 March 2010


Grace Jones Citroen CX Car Advert

Well I was looking for a certain Grace Jones chat show interview (but was open to others though) on Youtube, but when I came across this, I had to add this. The truth is, Grace Jones, wants to scream you into submission to buy this Citreon CX, and if you don't, she will devour you. Knowing her, that wouldn't be far from the real truth. If that type of advert was produced now, you would have the likes of Cheryl Cole charming the pants off you, but no, back in the 1980s, this was the age of power walking, power napping and power women. The banshee like howls from Jones wants to grab your the balls.

This advert was alledgedly too pertrifying for some countries, and the advert was banned. It's not only Grace Jones impeccable manners, but the large winding, turning head model of Grace Jones with headlights for eyes, is pretty damn creepy, and the mouth opens so much, gold splits from her sides, and then it burps, obviously some computer trickey going on there. The advert is actually quite cool though perversely bizarre.

Grace Jones was a larger-than-life character of Jamaican-American origin, who became firstly a model, then a singer and then as an actress in some high-profile movies like "Conan the Destroyer" and James Bond's "A View to a Kill" as villain "May Day". Jones sported a very iconic "flat-top" haircut beginning in 1985, and together lumped with her 5'10" athletic frame, she appeared adrodynous in nature, and very scary looking. This where she achieved her greatest fame in the UK with her 1985 album "Slave to the Rhythm", which also, by coincidence or not, has a distorted looking Grace Jones on the front cover with a large mouth very extensive up and down, like the mechanical head in the advert. The album reached No.12 in the UK album charts. Maybe as no surprise as to why it did well, this album having been produced with a British edge, produced by Trevor Horn. Jones had started her singing career in the late 70s, and had already had a major American hit in 1981 with "Pull up to the Bumper", staying at No.2 in the Billboard US charts for 7 weeks.

The Citreon CX actually appears in the music video for the single "Slave to the Rhythm".

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