Sunday, 7 March 2010

New Look Youtube!

I've already seen previews of the new look, where you are randomly selected to view this mess...just kidding! Well tonight, it looks to be here for full-time? The new look appears more cleaner with a lack of borders around related videos and comments.

I'm not sure whether I prefer the new look. The best thing about it, is an even longer list of related videos, however it seems less accessible to get to the members videos. I know you can select the member's down arrow, and you can scan the list of his/her videos from there, however, the video screen is in the way, so that's not very good. However, that's just a glitch, and I've seen from previous experience, the video screen jumps down to make way for the videos. However, just looks untidy now. Another plus though, is more people might subscribe to users now, with the button and username being in a more central position. That's all I have to say now, but a mixed responce from me.

Also, I have heard about the news of the "Digital Bill" being passed in the House of Lords. So there's threats that Youtube could be blocked from the UK, which is worrying for a "westernised" country like us, now wanting to emulate China. There are some things in the world, which are just too big to stop. If Youtube was blocked in the UK, well, this blog might as well become "UK TV Nostalgia On Dailymotion" or just in more general terms.There would be riots in the street if Youtube was blocked in the UK. Plus for Youtube, the UK is a big market, Youtube may receive a large chunk of revenue away, but America must make up over half the market, in saying that. Plus some of their biggest shows like "Britain's Got Talent" get worldwide appeal and huge youtube viewings, and hence more viewers for the TV show. So you mean to say, all those BBC channels and Channel 4 videos are all going to go to waste with their target audience gone and only overseas viewers. This is gestapo-like proportions if it happens, but I'm veering towards no, it won't happen!

UPDATE 8TH March: The old look Youtube is now back on my computer. Must be just testing, but that was a long test!

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