Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Curse You, Army Deserter!

Dixon of Dock Green Part 1 of 3

"Dixon of Dock Green" was certainly was of the most iconic programmes of the 1950s and 60s. Many Brits who lived and grew up in this era, fondly remember the "British Bobby" as friendly, communicative and strived to do good deeds, no mater how small the issue was. No insane loads of paperwork to fill in, no ridiculous political correctness was in sight back then. This is glorified in "Dixon of Dock Green", following the tales of London policeman George Dixon (Jack Warner) of Dock Green, an area of East London, but not as we know it, boasting a low-crime rate. It was an easy-going show, where Dixon would be par-taking with the local community in a big way as a bobby on the beat, with the most serious crimes being only petty, and mostly non-violent. However, the show is much loved for it's community spirit, the likeability of Dixon, and hosting a strong moral backbone, with Dixon expressing messages of keeping on the right side of the law and more, in statements to the camera, at the beginning and end.

This is a full episode entitled "The Roaring Boy" in 3 parts, where Dixon is searching for the whereabouts of army deserter Kenneth Cope. It was a live broadcast, so actors had to remember their lines very well!

The show was immensely popular in the 50s and 60s, recieving TV ratings of 13 million and above. The show is still regarded as one of the best British TV shows ever, despite it's unrealistic nature, with the immortal line of "Evenin' All" from actor Jack Warner. Warner was of a mature age already when the programme began in 1955. He played the role onwards tot he 1970s, where the show declined, looking increasingly more dated compared to the more edgy delights of "Z-Cars" and "The Sweeney", and the show ended in 1976, with an increasingly inactive Dixon, the actor now in his 80s, and promoted then, as a Sargeant.

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