Saturday, 6 March 2010

Perhaps the Coolest or the Creepiest Schools TV theme...

BBC Schools - Zig Zag

Another landmark BBC schools series that began in 1983, replacing "Merry-go-round" that focused on historical content. This was a series of programmes that focused on the early middle ages and the Normans in 1985. Continuity is shown first, much to type, for TV was much slower paced in those days. We see the old striped 70s/80s BBC2 ident, and then we're off to an intro of Tron-like proportions at 1 mins 5 seconds in. Very 80s, with creepy sounding 80s synth, and wire-frame computer technology. The robotised voice at the end, was to creep you out further with rapid interjections of "Zig Zag!".

The educational programme is still repeated today, and new programmes were being made right up to the 2000s, focusing on Tudor history and ancient history.

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