Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Rare Short and Sweet Clip of ITN From the 60s...

60s ITN clip

From 1967, is a rare short 47 second ITN clip (BBC 50s and 60s news clips are plentiful, but ITV's are hard to find on Youtube!) featuring news presenter Reginald Bosanquet. The first news story is about Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh's successful operation to remove a cyst from his right wrist. A cyst is potentially something more serious than pus in the skin caused by spots and acne. Cysts can close off a certain area of human tissue, which can sometimes lead to a tumour forming. That's enough of that. The Beverley Sisters mentioned in the following story, were a very successful female Britiah vocal group composing of twins Babs and Teddie, along with older sister Joy.The last story is how a new advisory scheme for mechanic

Reginald Bosanquet was an ITN journalist since it's beginning in 1955. His career elevated in the 1970's as a main anchor for ITV, albeit only for 2 years (1974-1976), and retired from the newsreading game in 1979. Bosanquet has had a colourful off-screen personality, as portrayed by the media, which may be a falsehood. He was known for his slurred speech while presenting, popping up accusations that he was an alcoholic, however he suffered from epilepsy. Other rumours were he wore a toupee, and had an obsession with one-time co-news presenter Anna Ford, penning love poems about the lady. What?! Bosanquet died in 1984 of pancreatic cancer at the age of only 51.

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