Monday, 22 March 2010

"I'll See Thee" - Beer Swigging Yorkshire Pub Sports on Weekend Telly, Real Men's Sports Y'know!

Indoor League 1

When you go to the pub today, your gaming facilities are normally either a UK version of "Pool", a Dartboard or a fruit machine, or all both. Go back 15 to 30 years ago, maybe the odd arcade, "Space Invaders" or "Pacman" being the favourite to rest in the local boozer counter. However this "sports" show the "Indoor League" which ran circa 1973 to 1978, opens up a feast of now old-fashioned and bygone pub games of a bygone age. Ever heard of Bar Billiards? Skittles? Shove ha'penny? Well find out about them in this 4 part regional Yorkshire Television produced episode, presented by Yorkshire Cricket great Fred Trueman, regarded as one of best fast bowlers in the history of the sport. What's great about the show, is it's non-pc as you like. Shown on daytime TV on a Tuesday, you had old Fred on the lash with his pint of beer and sometimes smoking a pipe on-camera as he presents the show, this was as small-time in sports you could get. This was a ratings success in Yorkshire.

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