Monday, 15 March 2010

Hughie Green's Farewell from "Opportunity Knocks" + The Musical Muscleman. Ouch!

Tony Holland The Musical Muscleman (Also Titles And End Credits) - Opportunity Knocks

This is from the last edition of the first and last run of "Opportunity Knocks" on ITV. Hughie Green would soon disappear from the limelight and moved on to other variety show work, presenting on the likes of Australian and Irish TV. This final edition featured the best and most famous performers throughout the run, and none more are unforgettable as "The Musical Muscleman" Tony Holland, who first appeared on the show in 1964.

The tune of "Wheel Cha Cha" (composed by Joe Loss in 1961) is synonymous with the bodybuilder's almost muscle hemorrhaging movements to the beat of the music. Those shoulder blades look like they're getting dislocated to move like that, my giddy aunt. Unbelievably, some people couldn't get enough of him, and he won the show six times. Since then, apart from the odd appearance on reminiscing TV shows, he has done work for the local community, running a children's home, becoming a social worker, and a gym worker throughout his lifetime.

Not to mention, Hughie Green's farewell speech, not THAT infamous speech, that probably put him in this situation of saying farewell(Stand Up and Be Counted Speech). Although cut at the beginning, at his over-dramatic best, with instrumental strings playing in the background, thanking all the stars and auditionees over the years as well as the behind-the-scenes staff, and officially declares his retirement from TV. It was thopught

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