Saturday, 6 March 2010

Fun In the Sun

peters and lee

This was a variety show, that sort of alternated with the Victorian throw-back "The Good Old Days", although much more president in the summer months of the year, on once a week from June to September. It was 70s kitsch wrapped into a family seaside outing for all. The main show was usually presented in a circus big-top tent with some acts outdoors, if the weather's nice. This clip shows only presenter links from musicians Peters and Lee, and their actual performance, but we do get to see those all-important title for the show, which I can't find anywhere else. Well, the titles aren't that great, a cameraman walks in the way of an on-going act. What's up with that? Plus too much emphasis on women's posteriors. Oh, you'll have a look now won't you!

"Peters and Lee" are a male-female singing duo, most well known for their hit song "Welcome Home". Seaside Special ended in 1979, but came back in the 80s with a less gimmicky beach setting, under "Summertime Special" beginning in 1981, to 1988.

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