Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Last Sighting on TV of a Music Legend...

Freddie Mercury Last Appearance 1990

Good but short upload of the legendary lead singer of British Rock band "Queen", Freddie Mercury (birth name: Farrokh Bulsara) last ever TV appearance, a year and a half before his death from AIDS on November 24th 1991. Queen receive the "Outstanding Contribution" Award at the 1990 Brit Awards, the British Phonographic Industry's celebration of modern pop music. Guitarist Brian May does most of the speaking on behalf of Queen. Freddie handles the award, but only speaks the words "Thank you, goodnight" at the end. The other members of the band present here, were Roger Taylor and John Deacon.

By this point, Freddie Mercury was losing weight since contraction of AIDS in 1987. You can see that now, but at the time, the general public did not know he was suffering from AIDS, but many suspected it, including the newspapers. He was asked himself in an 1987 interview whether he had AIDS and it was denied, claiming to have been tested negative. Mercury was a very private man, but he did not fear people knowing of his sexuality according to some reports. It wasn't until a day before he died, Freddie Mercury released a public statement through Queen's manager Jim Beach.

Mercury, known as one of the most charismatic singers and entertainers in the music business ever. Freddie Mercury and Queen were still producing records and albums into those 2 last years of his life, along with some solo efforts from Freddie including "Barcelona" the official song (and name of Mercury's solo album) for the 1992 Summer Olympics, in duet with Spanish opera singer Montserrat Caballé. However, the band were still going strong with the album "Innuendo", with the very last poignant single release and music video being "These Are the Days of Our Lives", Freddie Mercury's last performance on film. His final last words, at the end of the song was "I still love you".

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