Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Hughie Green (last interview?) Discusses "Double Your Money" Gameshow with Gordon the Gopher Sidekick...

Television's Greatest Hits - 1966 - Game Shows

This was a 1992 nostalgia series presented by "Going Live's" Phillip Schofield which focused on a selection of different years and their worth of fondly remembered Television shows. The focus of this episode (not in it's entirety here) is Hughie Green's ITV quiz show "Double Your Money" featuring clips of the show, along with a then interview with the star of the show. The show, which began in 1955, is proudly boasted by Green as the first gameshow to feature in the old Soviet Union. A clip of the Soviet Union version follows with an English spelling challenge, and it's all in English. Hughie Green also explain where he got his catchphrase "I mean that most sincerely".

Schofield then gives us what was the five biggest hits of 1966. The programme ends with Hughie Green singing a trio rendition of "Let's Do It" on "A Royal Gala".

"Double Your Money" lasted from 1955 to 1968, axed after the TV company that produced it, Rediffusion London. A consistentley popular quizshow, where the amount of prize money doubled after each correct answer. Hughie Green would star alongside a stream of different female hostesses, from good friend Monica Rose to elderly cleaner Alice Earley, a former contestant recruited off the show herself.

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