Thursday, 18 March 2010

I Could Tell, Come On...

Kronenbourg 1664 (lager) 'lesbians' advert 1998

I thought this was going to be our first 1999 induction to the blog, but this ad is actually from 1998, but I'm certain it ran into 1999. The ad these days is only talked about for the suggestive lesbians, with the guy giving that "Oh, that's a relief, I got rejected but that's OK because your lesbians" reaction. I also like the music and the ambience, in the classic setting for any alcohol advert; the bar. Or is it a nightclub?

The music is a French rap song called "A La Claire Fontaine" by MC Solaar. The song seems recent, but it was actually 4 years old by the time, from his 1994 album "Prose Combat". Solaar is one of the few French rappers to have become internationally recognised and to break into the English-speaking world with his music. His early music was topical on the aspect of black migrant hardship in urban France. The gaulish tongue definetely sounds goods as a Rap medium, unlike German rap...if any exist beyond "Rock Me Amadeus"! Solaar has come from strength to strength in the States after his 2001 single ""La Belle et Le Bad Boy" increased his fanbase over there, after an appearance on "Sex and the City's" final episode in 2004.

Kronenbourg 1664 is of course a French premium lager made in Strasbourg, situated near the border with Germany.

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