Saturday, 13 March 2010

Guitar Meows for a Girl from the Future Trapped in Present Day Earth...

the girl from tomorrow

This was an Australian part Sci-fi, part family drama for CBBC in the early nineties. On Youtube, all 2 series of the show were in it's entirety, but are no longer around. However, if it's any consolation, here's the under-rated instrumental theme tune and intro. I can feel the pain in that guitar.

Basically, it's about a teen girl from the year 3000 -where the world is at peace with one another, like heaven on Earth - called Alana (played by Katherine Cullen), who hails from a time where they use a telepathic power of healing through a hair band looking item they strap around their foreheads named a "transducer". It can also destroy too. A scientist named Bruno invents the Time Capsule, looking like the "Crystal Maze" dome but smaller. In a blunder, on one escapade to the year 2500, in an Earth gone bad and polluted, Alana's mentor Tulista, comes back with a deadly surprise. Silverthorn (John Howard) escapes from his time and is the main villain of the show, a rough and ready big guy who doesn't take no for an answer. He wants to take over the weaponry and technology of the future, but his weapons are inferior to the transducer. He kidnaps Alana and travel to Earth in 1990, to Sydney Australia. Alana escapes Silverthorn, but is shattered by the "belief" that the Time Capsule has been destroyed. She meets a similarly-aged friend, Jenny Kelly. Alana soon lives with the Kelly family, as they help her foil Silverthorn's plans, and get back to the year 3000!

There were 2 series of the show, this series is mostly set in 1990. The second series is subtitled as Tomorrow's End. This follows Silverthorn upsetting time and history, and Alana and Jenny having to travel to the still murky, polluted Earth in the year 2500, and put a stop to Silverthorn and his accomplices, a unitlateral law and order control known as "Globecorp".

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