Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Genteel Vicar Comedy from the early 1960's, featuring a smut-free Leslie Phillips

Our Man At St Mark's Pt1 Leslie Phillips - Rediffusion 1963

Been digging hard to find more British TV 1960's material for this blog, and we have found what I believe to be very rare, and our most extensive exerpt from the 60's UK TV, as this is a full episode.

A full episode from ITV's "Our Man At St Mark's", a comedy sitcom. Much of this series no longer exists in the archives apart from a few minutes worth, as claimed by this youtube uploader. Well, that's a sad state of affair's, but "wiping" was common place in the early days of television.

The sitcom stars Leslie "Ding Dong" Phillips, of the "Carry on..." movies fame, as. It is produced by Associated Rediffusion, which as a regional broadcaster for London and surrounding counties. What makes this a more rarer find, is the fact Phillips appeared in only the first series or 7 episodes of the show in 1963, replaced by Donald Sinden in 1964. The episode featured here, in 3 parts, is meant to be the very first episode "The Facts of Life", claimed in the youtube comments section. It is indeed.

Phillips, plays Rev. Andrew Parker in a very different role to his most famous role, he still comes across as charming and suave, making a good effort in the lead role. Still alive at the age of 85 today!

"Our Man At St Mark's" was followed up by another 3 series, not starring Leslie Phillips, with a meaningless change to "Our Man From St Mark's".

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