Sunday, 31 January 2010

Good Drama from the 80's/90's - Beats Mills and Boon Anyday

Boon - Trouble in the Fields - Part 1

Picked from a selection of full episodes from the investigative drama, already on Youtube, here is the 1st episode from the 1990 5th series of the show in it's entirety. Michael Elphick plays Michael Boon, an ex-firemen who is forced to find employment elsewhere, after failing to perform duties after the year's of attending to fires, with his lungs now officially shot (exhausted, damaged), he is told to scram, and finds employment as a private investigator. By this point, Boon has sold his country club, Woodcote Park, in what was just a few of his other career ventures. In this episode, Boon is planning to start his own security company, CBS, and while on one of his horses, someone fire an air-pellet, sending him careering off the horse into the river, but is saved by a Polish woman, Irena Tadeusz. Boon becomes aware from the woman, of a spate of antique shop robberies. he discovers the Polish woman is in on the robberies too.

Also starring a young-ish Neil Morrisey as the character "Rocky". Also cameo's from "Only Fools and Horses" Denzil, actor Paul Barber, playing as Angus, and the youngish-oldish future "Vicar of Dibley" star Trevor Peacock.

"Boon", ran on ITV from 1986-1992. The theme song, as shown, is "Hi Ho Silver" composed by Jim Diamond. It became a single due to popular demand in it's first year of 1986, and reach No.5 in the UK charts.

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