Saturday, 30 January 2010

Oh, It's Just a Bit of Fun, I'm Sure You Won't Mind a Big "W" Stuck to You're Forehead!


"Whittle" was a quirky gameshow from the very early days of Channel 5, appearing on the very first day of transmission for the channel on March 31st, 1997. This is the best, most extensive clip I can find for the show on Youtube, which is not a full episode, but bloopers/highlights from the show, or just funny remarks from the interactive audience of 100 people, participating in the quiz show, having to wear the dreaded "Whittle mask" if they were eliminated from the show by giving an incorrect answer, as in the early rounds, or answering question correctly the least. A tacky looking set and almost "Dunce" like cone hats worn by some of the participants. They would asked multiple-choice questions. The questions weren't you're usual routine, they were based on bad gags and punchlines. The one person left standing would win a startling £500! The presenter of the show was comedian Tim Vine, brother of "Panorama" presenter and political pundit Jeremy Vine. He was very much the face of the Channel 5 in it's first year, and was the first male face to be seen, when Channel 5 went on the air, introducing the channel along with Julia Bradbury, after the bed-wettingly days and days of previews and tasty teasers of the channel, with the likes of Nancy Lamb to look forward to. Great stuff!

Despite the fact Vine seems to be sporting a Jason Donovan-looking mop circa 1989, it was definitely one of the best early shows from the channel. A gameshow that didn't take itself too seriously. The show lasted for 2 series from 1997-1998. These clips are from the second series in 1998.

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