Friday, 26 February 2010

Bong...Another Heaping of Tory Sleaze, it's the 1990's of Course

ITN News at Ten - 1995

"News At Ten", the flagship news programme from ITN produced for ITV, enjoyed one of it's most popular and well-remembered runs in the early-late 90s, presented by Britain's first black newsreader Trevor McDonald, who began with ITV back in 1973. McDonald became the premier newsreader , when he became the sole newsreader for "News At Ten" 1992. This ear is much remembered also for the dramatic intro, using aerial flying camera footage of Big Ben over looking the Thames, and the almost frightening but you-know-this-news-is-going-to-be-important Big Ben bongs or dongs. Since it's shock axe and Trevor along with it, it has struggled to find it's feet after hundreds of schedule changes several times over and many beggings to bring back McDonald, made even harder by the BBC moving it's flagship news to "10 'O Clock" in 2000.

The clip begin with some ITV continuity for London Weekend Television including actor John Shaw in the forgotten police drama "The Chief", and London-only show "Richard Littlejohn Live and Uncut". The main story for "News At Ten" is a predictable one, which entertained viewers to no end. If it wasn't sleaze in John Major's cabinet or elected MP's, it's friends of the MP's or cabinets. Nothing new there. Also, unneccessary force from American police officers, bringing comparison to the Rodney King police beating murder inquiry, which led to the 1992 LA riots. The clip only involves the Trevor McDonlad links, not the detailed reports. Other headlines include a disabled rights protest at Westminster and Seagull expert and French footballer Eric Cantona stays with Manchester United. Horah! We also see more continuity later from GMTV, celebrating 40 years after VE Day (Victory in Europe Day -from Hitler and the Nazis and such), no doubt Eammon Holmes and Lorraine Kelly are the best people for that occasion.

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